Alces alces

We are very proud of our large and quality moose population. With bulls averaging 50" and true monsters that top 60" every 0.5km², you won't leave without an exciting experience.

Only the best

Our trophy quality is maintained by selective harvest in addition to excellent management rules. Only bulls with 3 brow points or 10 total points per side can be harvested.

Hunting Seasons

Regular Hunts: August 15th to September 30th

Archery Hunts: October 1st to October 15th

Late October Hunts: October 16th to October 31st

In September our best bulls will be sticking to the high basins charging up for the upcoming rut. Access to these areas will be gained by horseback to an established overnight spike camp or daily by ATV.

An exclusive archery rut hunt takes place in early October. Depending on the weather at this time, the bulls will be moving lower, and our style will accommodate this. 

Late October hunts will be done in the lower areas out of our base camp. Snow is almost a guarantee at this time, changing the game once again.

We have a hunt to accommodate any style.

Let us make your dream hunt a reality.